Lovely Moon Billy Jean

color: blue- tortie- white (harlekin)
born to:
Parents/ Grandparents PKD DNA free

Macho Boy Almost Flemish Cats

blue- white harlekin

Gr. Ch. Int. Gwendero Rainbow Warrior

cream- white

Artemis Flight to Luck of Gwendero

CH Artemis Moonraker
GC Artemis New Moon

Artemis Mirage of Gwendero

Artemis Sierra of Jonkats
Artemis Yippee Skippy

Ixiolirion´s Sitara

blue- white

Ch. Int. Bocasanas Zay No More

Vickits Diamante of Bocasana
Bocasanas Vanity

Ixiolirions Jipsy Woman

Gr.Ch.Int. & CH Gwenderos Cream Cardcase
Pretty Woman van Tocambar

CFA CH Sunlightcats Diamond of Lovely Moon

calico- van

Eur. Ch. Amenity Cats Red Chili Pepper


Ch. Int. Tehy My Precious Joss

GC Bolo Tumbleweed of Tehy
Tehy Christina

UB-2B For the Boys

Paquitas Chili Mac of UB-2B
UB-2B For Your Eyes Only

Cashiba Bologna of Sunlightcats

black- white/van

CH Belamys Tom Taylor of Cashiba

Belamys Glenn
Bocasanas No Milk Today

Cashiba Just in Time

CH Dan-Queen I´m too Sexy
Teragram Morning Star